Workshop and seminars

Psychological testing / assessment

We conduct workshop and training programmes on psychological assessments which provide participants with detailed understanding of various tools, administration, interpretation, analysis, reporting and ethical considerations. Workshops on psychological assessments are conducted by qualified professionals.


Psychotherapies and counselling training

SPARSH conduct short -term and long-term, basic, advance and professional courses and workshop on different psychotherapies i.e CBT, REBT, ISTDP, C/DMT and basic and advance skills development in counselling.


Awareness program on mental health

SPARSH conducts talks, workshops and seminars for schools, colleges, universities, institutions, organizations, NGO’s etc on different topics of mental health i.e stress management, regulation of emotions, children issues, Parenting, behaviour issues etc…


Theatre and acting workshop

We conduct children theatre workshop, acting workshops and play production workshop with theatre elements. The aim of conducting workshop is to provide a valuable platform for learning, self-expression, personal growth and building important skills. We offer a safe space where individuals can explore their artistic potential, connect with others, and contribute to the vibrant world of theatre.

Internship program

SPARSH provides internship programme in the field of psychology for higher secondary school, graduates in psychology, masters in psychology and professional internship. Duration of internships varies according to the qualification and chosen type of internship by participants. We also provide internship and training programme for Learning Disorder and Behaviour Modification Module for children, Graduate students/ teachers / parents / psychological practitioners/ counsellors / can be part of these trainings. Duration for all these above internships and training varies according to qualifications

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