What is Viraasat?

It is an initiative by SPARSH to Explore Cultural Heritage by connecting individuals with the Societal Aspects.

Aao apne shehar ko pehchano.

kuch kadam ka saath, khole kai ankahe ansune raaz.

What does Team VIRAASAT Do?
  • Exploration of different types of heritage.
  • Tangible heritage – Monuments, artifacts, structures and landscapes.
  • Encompasses monuments, buildings and sites.
  • Intangible heritage – embodies traditions, knowledge, and skills.
  • It includes customs, folklore, food, Oral Traditions, languages and much more. Each form captures the essence of identity and memory.
  • Man-made Heritage – Forts, Castles, Gardens, Tombs many other World Heritage Sites.

Our vision is connecting people to their heritage, fostering appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures from times unknown to the present.

  • To re-discover and re-live the lost stories.
  • To create immersive experience to transport people through time.
  • To educate and inspire future generations about their roots.
  • To collaborate with local communities for sustainable heritage tourism.
How Does Team Viraasat Work?
  • We curate trips and tours for locals, student’s senior citizens and city dwellers. (Age group 8 years and above)
  • We plan various activities associated to heritages.
  • We invite various subject experts for our excursion trips.
  • We bring people from various walks of life together for to explore your city.
  • With Team VIRASAT you get the meet the heritage in a fun-filled and innovative way – you see the years old building or practice through a different perspective.
  • We help you know your city, village , town and last but not the least your country.
  • Our team through this initiative wishes to spread the idea of ‘Vasudevakutumbakam’ by knowing the Indian Cultural Heritage.

Membership card is planned for those participants who wants to be part of our Viraasat family.

How to contact us to get your next Heritage Trip Planned?
Phone No  :   9328933033 / 0261-3600086
Emailid      :   prarthana@sparshhuman.com
Give your next trip a valuable purpose!!!

In conclusion, exploring heritage is not merely about delving into the past; it's about understanding the present and shaping the future. It allows us to connect with our roots, appreciate the richness of human civilization, and navigate the complexities of our globalized world with greater empathy and knowledge.

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